Luxury private villa
With pool and hot spring
Lux means "light" in Latin.
A ray of light surrounded by the mountains of Hakone
A blissful time surrounded by light and wind


The pool is now heated!
Effective Period: April 22nd, 2024 to October 26th, 2024

Even outside of the specified period, you can still use the cold water bath after using the sauna.

Welcome, to LUX Hakone Yumoto


Private villas standing quietly in the hills overlooking the mountains of Hakone
Only two groups can spend blissful time there a day

Private pool
Private sauna
Indoor and open-air hot spring baths with a view
Private barbecue terrace
A pool deck where you can spend time with your dog
A private space surrounded by walls

The purpose is To Stay.
Perfect private villa for your valuable time.

Exclusive private pools and saunas in each building.
All can be used privately.
The pools are lit up at night, making you feel happy just looking at them.

"Lux" is Latin for light. From the elegant private space surrounded by high walls, you can see the mountains of Hakone, the blue sky, the light of the sun and stars.
Sophisticated designed villa is suitable for Hakone, as if it blends in with nature. Another world that is only allowed to two groups a day.

In order to enjoy your stay in Hakone, we have prepared an indoor hot spring bath with a nice view and an open-air bath. Please enjoy bathing to your heart's content without being disturbed by anyone in the clear air and vivid greenery.

How to spend time is as you wish


How to spend time in the ultimate private space
Stay active or do nothing all day long.
There is an irreplaceable time that can be obtained just by standing here.

Private pool, sauna, and hot spring bath Your own space to stay with your dog

How to spend your time changes with the seasons. It's a dream pool and sauna where no one will disturb you. In spring and summer, take a nap on a deck chair after a long swim. In fall and winter, you can relax in the elegant open-air bath with a nice view and refresh yourself in the sauna. A moment of freedom from everyday life. Enjoy a blissful time with your family, friends, and beloved dog.Look up at the wide sky and starry sky from the illuminated pool.
It's the most luxurious moment ever.


The mind rejoices, and the body flutters


Only two newly built luxury villas
Open-air private terrace with a view and relaxing living room
Sophisticated kitchen and cozy dining room
Three bedrooms and a spa bathroom... you'll want to stay forever.

Private villas surrounded by the Hakone mountains
Enjoy chatting in the dining room or on the nice-view terrace

The villa is a two-story house. There are 3 bedrooms on the 1st floor, designed for families and friends to enjoy a trip. On the second floor, there is a living/dining room and a terrace, where you can have lively conversations with close friends around the table. The peninsula kitchen has everything you need, so you can enjoy your stay in Hakone stress-free. A happy time where you can relax from the bottom of your heart in a hot spring with a view.


Flexible accommodation style


There are three bedrooms on the first floor of the villa.
Each has a different atmosphere, the master bedroom, the triple room and the tatami loft room!
Perfect for three-family trips, or trips with friends.

A three-bedroom villa welcomes you
Enjoy your time with your friends while ensuring the privacy

There are 2 double beds in the master bedroom, 3 single beds in the triple room, and 2 sets of double sized futons in the loft room. Enjoy a good night's sleep in each unique rooms. The master bedroom has a desk and chair so you can work away. There is also a wall-mounted TV in the master bedroom and bedroom 2, where you can enjoy video streaming services.


Taste carefully selected ingredients


A private villa with a kitchen and dining room
In addition to preparing the best local ingredients for local consumption,
you can also bring in your favorite ingredients.
Have an elegant meal in the nature of Hakone

We have special local ingredients available upon request.
You can also BBQ, make a hot pot, or order a private chef.

In addition to the peninsula kitchen, we have a professional favorite, the Broil King barbecue grill at your disposal. You can bring your own food or order a plan with carefully selected ingredients that have been prepared for you.
We also have a variety of cooking utensils, including pots and pans and VERMICULAR rice cooker, for you to use as you wish.
We also offer a plan of a private chef who will cook your meal right in front of you.

Asahi Super Dry

Introducing our latest addition: the Draft Beer Plan!
Indulge in the subzero experience of Asahi Super Dry “Extra Cold” Beer!

Enjoy draft beer right in the comfort of your room!
Exclusive to select facility, our Super Dry “Extra Cold” offers a taste sensation like no other.
Why not complement your pool, sauna, or hot spring experience with this highly acclaimed beer?
Treat yourself to the ultimate holiday with delicious draft beer!
Please email us in advance.
You will need for pouring from the dispenser yourself.
Orders are available in 2-liter increments.
Price: ¥5,000 for 2 liters (equivalent to approximately 8 glasses in a standard medium-sized mug with a 7:3 ratio of beer to foam).
Payment can be made in cash on the day or via advance bank transfer.


mami Taco
mami Taco
初めて夫婦で利用させていただきました。 エントランスから雰囲気の良い作りで、プライベートプールやサウナもあり、贅沢な空間でした。 アメニティのサービスもとても充実していました。 夕食、朝食は食材を持ち込みで行き中々自宅では使えない調理家電やBBQ機器などを使い広々としたテラスで食事を満喫しました。 プライベートサウナは初めてで初ロウリュウも楽しめて、アロマオイル、サウナ着(有料)も用意されており細かな所への気配りを感じました。 時間を忘れてしまうくらいリラックスさせていただきました。 また、特別な時に利用させて頂きたいです。
Michael Hughes
Michael Hughes
Lux Hakone-Yumoto is up there with some of the best accomodation I have been able to stay in, anywhere. We (party of 5) only had the opportunity to stay in Hakone for one night during our two week trip to Japan due to a jam packed itinerary but hoped that this day in the spa town would help give us a chance to relax after a week in Tokyo. Luckily it all lived up to our hopes with our villa providing us with private facilities such as a pool, hot tub, sauna and also enough bed and living space for us to just chill out after exploring the local area. Welcoming staff where attentive and helpful with a full house and facitilty tour on entry. We wish we could've stayed for a little longer but definitely plan on returning if we get the chance to visit Japan (and Hakone) again in the future.
8-8 Take
8-8 Take
今回夫婦で一泊しました。お部屋に入った瞬間綺麗さと広さに驚きでした。高級な家電や調味料が揃ったキッチンとお洒落な家具を見てワクワクが止まりませんでした。 夕飯は用意していただいた食材を使ってしゃぶしゃぶ鍋やパエリアを食べました。食材の質がとてもよくて、特にお肉が美味しかったです。十分すぎる量だったので足りなくなるという事はないと思います。朝は作務衣を着用してサウナへ。温度調節が出来るので暑過ぎるのが苦手な私達にとって快適でした。アロマをたらしたロウリュウが気持ちよかったです。温泉も出ますし、床暖房があるので冬でも快適に過ごせました。ぜひまた行きたいと思います!次は温泉だけでなく、プライベートプールを満喫できるように夏も利用してみたいと思います!
大人3名+チワワで泊まりました。 箱根湯本の駅から徒歩圏の旧東海道沿いにあるんでロケーションがよかったですし、となりにコンビニがあるのもいい。 最大11名泊まれるスペースは少々持て余し気味でしたが専用プールにサウナ、温泉の露天風呂やこだわりのバルミューダの家電の数々などで非日常を快適に過ごせました。 行く前に夏のプールは気持ちいいだろうなぁ…と思ってましたけど、春秋冬だってサウナがあってその後のプールも最高に気持ちがいいからいつでも良いですね。 サウナ着のレンタルもあるし、こだわりのコーヒーやオリーブオイルも含め各種調味料も無料。 キッチンもしっかりしててテラスでBBQも出来るんで、次来る時はBBQしたいです。 ピーク時は1泊20万とかしますけど、11人で泊まればそれほどでもないでしょうし、今度は大人数でも来てみたいです。 ゆっくりするなら1泊じゃ足りないので次回は最低2泊はしたいと思います。 受付の方も親切で安心して泊まれました。 ありがとうございました!
数名で行くならちょっと割高ですが、11人まで泊まれるようなので、大人数で行くなら割安!! 人目を気にしないプールは雰囲気がいい別荘のよう!プールの水は循環器が付いて水質良好です。外には露天風呂にシャワー、室内には温泉が出るお風呂にシャワールー厶完備! 素泊まりでも5日前までに予約すれば食材が予約出来き、無くとも近くの小田原で海産物やお肉を買ってBBQを楽しめますよ!また、コーヒーメーカーで挽きたてコーヒーと、箱根ベーカリーで買ったクロワッサンをバルミューダのトースターで焼き、良い香りの優雅な朝が体験できました。
2名で宿泊させていただきました! 2023年10/3-4日 夕方も夜も次の日の朝も温水プールに入れました! 個人的にシャンプーがいい匂いすぎて✨ スキンケアやスチーマー,ヘアアイロンがあればなおいいと思いました! ご飯は持ち込みでBBQしましたが小田原からそんなに離れていないので、生の食材も持って行けて大満足です! リピートしたいと思いました!

Create memories that will last a lifetime
at Lux Hakone Yumoto


At Lux Hakone Yumoto, we offer special arrangements for creating unforgettable
memories on your special day spent with your loved ones.
From cakes and bouquets to balloons, we provide surprise elements to enhance the celebration.

Celebration Plans for Your Special Day

We have prepared three anniversary plans to add a special touch to your celebration:
【Selsctable Cake Plan】【Selectable Flower Plan】【Selectable Balloon Decoration】
For instance, if you're celebrating a birthday for someone special, it's also possible to keep the plan a secret until the day of the celebration. Create lasting memories on your special day at Lux Hakone Yumoto.


Facility introduction movie

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Welcome to Hakone!


"Lux Hakone Yumoto" is located in Hakone Yumoto, which is thriving town with tourists from all over the world.
Hakone, known as a travel theme park, is located within 100 kilometers from the Tokyo metropolitan area, or 90 minutes by car.
You can access by Odakyu train or by car.
Lux Hakone Yumoto is about a 13-minute walk from Hakone-Yumoto Station.