The luxury of doing nothing surrounded by
the mountains of Hakone.


An extraordinary experience at your villa
Terrace overlooking the mountains of Hakone
Enjoy BBQ and breakfast in nature view
Spend time doing nothing in the living room

floor plan


The focal point of this villa is the panoramic terrace where everyone gathers. While staying in a villa, you will feel as if you are in the great outdoors of Hakone. We installed a BBQ gas grill "Monarch" made by Broil King of Canada, which is loved all over the world.
Have fun BBQing on the terrace!

Comfortable space,
The luxury of
having a relaxed conversation.

Living / Dining room

You can see the nature of Hakone from the living and dining room. Please spend your time relaxing at the indoor dining table that seats 8 people.
You can watch video streaming services on the 43-inch LCD TV while relaxing on the popular yogibo sofa.


We also offer a variety of items to make your stay more enjoyable.
BALMUDA Wireless Speaker has an impressive sound. Enjoy your favorite music by connecting it to your smartphone.
We have also installed other useful items such as wireless lanterns and irons for your convenience.
A baby chair and children's tableware are also available.


The bathroom where you can fully enjoy Hakone's hot springs is spacious. It is large enough for a family to take a bath together.
A rain shower is installed. Have a pleasant shower time.
We have prepared bath amenities of Stephen Knoll.
In addition to the view-bath on the 2nd floor, there is a shower room near the bedroom on the


Two washrooms are available.
On the 2nd floor, there is a spacious make-up room with double sinks. In addition to the washing machine, there is also a gas dryer, so it is very convenient to wash and dry swimwear immediately.
The 1st floor is a washroom besides the shower room, with a wide variety of amenities and a Dyson hair dryer.


There are also two toilets in the villa. One is a restroom with a green view on the 2nd floor and another one is besides the bedroom on the 1st floor. With a comfortable arrangement, you can spend a stress-free stay even with a large number of people.


Internet connection

Free high-speed unlimited Internet is avairable!
Can connect more than 10 devices at the same time via WiFi, and your videos and ZOOM will be running smoothly!
Maximum downstream speed of 220 Mbps, and you can connect anywhere in the villa!
Wired connection is not available.

The kitchen is also extraordinary,
A different way of passing time.

Freestyle dining
You can bring your own food and cook freely.
It is also possible to order the prepared ingredients.
We also offer a plan to invite a private chef as if you were eating at a restaurant.

Barmuda, Vermicula, and more,
Various types of high-end cooking
appliances are available.

The island kitchen has a three-burner gas stove and fish grill.

Broil King's Monarch gas grill is installed on the terrace.

A dishwasher is especially useful for long-term guests.

Vermicular rice cookers have a reputation for being able to cook delicious rice.

Balmuda microwave and toaster oven.
Widely known for baking impressive toast.

Water boiling coffee maker "Takumi Premium"
A fully automatic coffee maker that reproduces hand drip coffee provides delicious coffee from beans to extraction
*Our original blended coffee beans are also available.

A bucket of ice
Please use it in various ways

Tableware, Cutlery, Cookware
We have enough wares for your group.

We have tableware such as large and small plates.
Tableware for children is also available.

We have a variety of glasses and mugs.

There are wide variety of chopsticks, forks, spoons, kitchen scissors, wine openers, etc.

Cooking utensils such as frying pans and pots are also available.

Hot plate, electric grill pans are available.
It can be used for many purposes such as hot pot, pancakes, and takoyaki.

Electric kettle

Basic seasonings available.
Salt, pepper, olive oil, soy sauce